You really need to buy a vehicle, but you really don’t want the stress you’ve experienced when purchasing prior cars or trucks. If you are in Ogden, Utah or nearby communities, Reyna’s Auto Sales will help you reduce the stress and anticipation that comes with searching for a vehicle. Our trusted Weber County dealership sells all make and models of used vehicles and our knowledgeable sales staff is here to make your car purchase as easy as it can be. To start out, here are answers to questions that we often hear from Utah used car buyers.

Should I Choose A Dealership or Private Seller?

You need to buy a car. You’ve decided a quality used car is the more sensible investment. Next question is, should you buy from a dealership or a private seller? Both options come with pros and cons. At Reyna’s Auto Sales, in Ogden, Utah, we work hard to add to the pros of choosing a dealership.

With a private seller, you may to pay a little less on the sale price. A private seller doesn’t have the costs a dealership dles, and they often want to sell quickly to invest in another vehicle, meaning they may be more willing to lower the vehicles price. However, buying from a private seller doesn’t give you some of the security that comes with buying from a dealer. Private sellers are not required to provide all of the inspections and licensing that are required by law from dealerships.

Dealerships, make the car purchase process easier from start to finish. From the start, you have several vehicles to choose from and test drive in the same location. With a dealership, you might spend a fraction more, but you’re also taking on less risk. A used car dealership has licensing requirements and is more likely to give you the vehicle details you need,  including whether a car’s been salvaged, inspected, and properly repaired.

Of course, not all dealerships operate fully on the up and up. Reyna’s Auto Sales is here to win your business and trust today and for years to come. We treat our customers like family and do our best to find the best vehicle to fit your needs and budget. At Reyna’s, the customer is always King or Queen.

Can't I Just Buy A Car Online?

A vehicle purchase is a significant investment. It’s true that today there are several options to buy a new or used vehicle online sight unseen, but should you really do that? When buying a used car in Ogden, Utah, you really, really want to personally inspect and try out the vehicle before you buy. With any vehicle, a used vehicle especially, owner satisfaction is the accumulation of many small details. It’s those small details, good and bad, that are nearly impossible to pick up on without inspecting a vehicle in person. By purchasing online, you are putting a huge amount of trust in processes outside of your control and inspection. You have a right to know about a car’s condition, its history, repairs, inspections, and service history. You also have a right to know whether it’s been in any accidents, whether it’s been totaled and salvaged, and more. Not only do you want this information, you want to know the feel of the car and whether it runs properly. In contrast, Reyna’s Auto Sales provides our Ogden, Utah clients with the vehicle history and details information they need and provide test rides before vehicle purchases.

What Are Utah's Car Buying Lemon Laws?

Many car buyers assume they receive an automatic level of protection from Lemon Laws, laws designed to protect people from buying vehicles that have hidden issues that make them unusable within a short period after buying them. However, lemon laws vary from state to state, and in Utah, lemon laws only apply to new cars purchased under warranty. Used vehicles aren’t protected by lemon laws of any kind, so if you’re buying a used car from either a dealership or a private seller, you want to choose a party you can trust. Reyna’s Auto Sales works hard to provide vehicles we know are a good value for our clients. We’re here to win your business and trust today and for years to come.

Do You Accept Trade-Ins?

A large part of the reason to work with a dealership is convenience. It’s hardly convenient to buy a vehicle when you have to go through a mountain of steps selling your current vehicle first. Reyna’s Auto Sales will give you a competive payment or credit for your currrent good condition vehicle, Allowing you to make the transition from your old vehicle to the new with one stop.

Inquire about the process of our vehicle trade-ins and what documents and information are needed to get your trade-in appraised and sold.

Do You Have A Vehicle History Report?

Vehicle history reports tell you about accident history, lien status, registration history, unfixed safety recalls and more. Paired with a pre-purchase inspection, this is the most important piece of information to inform your purchase, and you should never buy a used car without one. Reyna’s Auto Sales in Ogden, Utah is happy to provide you with the information you need to make the vehicle purchase to fit your needs and budget.